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2021 Spinell Gingerbread Competition

SGC_Social Media.jpg
Grab the gum drops and graham crackers, Spinell Homes is hosting a Gingerbread House Competition for the holidays. Pass the frosting and candy canes to your future builders and have them design their dream gingerbread home.

#SpinellSpooktacular Contest

We want to see your Boo-tiful home and how you have decorated it for Halloween! Share a photo of the Halloween décor in your new Spinell home for a chance to win a $50 gift card to Wild Scoops. That is a lot of ice cream! Share your photos on Instagram or Facebook using #SpinellSpooktacular and we will randomly select a winner on October 31. By sharing your photo and participating in the contest, you consent to Spinell Homes’ use of your photo in future marketing.

Enter the Spinell Homes Coloring Contest

200416_Coloring Page Week 1 - Family- Color & Win
Grab the art supplies! We want to see what the kids can do! Spinell Homes is hosting a four-week coloring contest. Every week, a new winner will receive a $50 gift card to Classic Toys.

Spinell Homes Donates $2,500 to Children’s Lunchbox

Spinell Homes is donating $2,500 to Children’s Lunchbox to help provide meals free of charge to Anchorage children. The Children’s Lunchbox will be serving meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the parking lots of the Spenard and Fairview Rec Centers. Families can drive through the line and receive two suppers per child present under the age of 18. Each family can also receive a pantry box while supplies last.

A Message to our Customers

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the coronavirus. We’re thankful to the hardworking healthcare workers across the globe fighting this on the frontlines, and our thoughts are with the victims and their friends and family.

Build Your Blessings

Blessing Boxes
Homebuilding - my profession is about turning every day materials into something special. What starts as an empty building, eventually becomes a home filled with laughs and special moments. I enjoy watching what I help create make an impact. Recently, Spinell Homes was involved in a project that reminded me even the simplest projects, lead to big things.

A First Time Homebuyer’s Experience with Spinell

NE Blog Main image
New construction buyer, Niki Engstrom, shares the story of finding the right location and building her very first home with the help and support of the Spinell Homes team. The process was easy and worth the wait to get into a house that really felt like their perfect home.

Visit with the Spinelli Homes Team

Home Show
Meet with our new construction specialists at our upcoming Spring events, the Anchorage Home Show, the Spring Preview of Homes and the Mat-Su Home Show.

Spinell Homes Offers $100 Total Move In Cost Payments for Vets

Homeownership, its part of the American dream, but for many people getting their own set of keys isn’t easy. Owning can be much cheaper than renting but unfortunately despite the cost difference, one of the biggest obstacles to homeownership boils down to finances. Homeownership may be more cost-effective in the long-term but in the short-term, many people struggle to find enough money for a down payment.

Know What Goes into Your Home Owners Association Dues

Finding affordable housing in Anchorage can seem like a headache but there is one option many homebuyers overlook. Condo dues are part of the package when you purchase a condominium but the fee covers a lot more than you think. Lender regulations now require expenses that were previously covered by the homeowner to be included in the dues. This means condo dues aren’t rising for no reason they’re simply consolidating the same expenses homeowners have always paid into a single fee.

Rising Interest Rates and Alaska Homebuyers: What You Need to Know

Interest Rates
Interest rates have risen in the weeks following the presidential election and they are expected to continue to go up. If you’re in the market for a new home now is the time to buy because waiting could cost you. Interest rates are still low enough that potential homebuyers will score a great a deal on their home if they buy soon. Unfortunately, as interest rates rise, homebuyers will lose their buying power meaning they will get less home for their money or spend much more for the home they want.

Furnace & Water Heater Maintenance

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.15.40 AM.png
Living in a Spinell Home built in 2011 or later? Your furnace or water heater may need maintenance. Check your unit for a neutralizer pipe – if your unit has one, you may need to perform yearly maintenance.

No more reasons to keep renting!

$21,600. For the majority of us, that’s a lot of money right? If you had that kind of money would you give it away? “No way,” is what you’re probably saying. But that is what many people are doing, not just once, but EVERY SINGLE YEAR. If you scan Craigslist you’ll see that $1800 is about the average monthly rent for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home/condo/townhouse in Anchorage right now. Month after month, year after year, people are paying this kind of rent, paying someone else’s mortgage, when for the same monthly amount they could be owning a home of their own.

Letter to Homeowners RE: Spring Clean-Up and Escrow Items

Dear Homeowners. Spring is here and many of you are anxious for clean up and escrow work to begin. We will be attempting to clean up any remaining materials around the homes when everything is thawed, but this usually happens at the same time for all homes built during the winter, so it would be really helpful if you pile up any waste materials near the curb and we will send crews around to collect them.

Economy will never truly recover until housing industry is repaired

Many of you may have seen the article a couple of days ago in the Anchorage Daily News that discussed the troubles that the home building industry still faces even though the recession is considered over. We could not agree more! It has been Spinell Homes' opinion that our economy will never truly recover until the entire housing industry is repaired.
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