Letter to Homeowners RE: Spring Clean-Up and Escrow Items

Dear Homeowners.

Spring is here and many of you are anxious for clean up and escrow work to begin.

We will be attempting to clean up any remaining materials around the homes when everything is thawed, but this usually happens at the same time for all homes built during the winter, so it would be really helpful if you pile up any waste materials near the curb and we will send crews around to collect them.

You may also notice water in your crawl space around this time. This usually occurs in areas that do not have final grades completed. If you see water begin to accumulate in the crawl space please contact Spinell Homes for an inspection. If needed we will install a sump pump system in your crawl space.

We will be painting exteriors as time and weather permit. You may notice newer homes being painted first. This is because lenders will not allow homes to close with escrow items when weather permits completion prior to closing. Painters will begin work on homes already closed as soon as weather and scheduling permits.

The final steps for completion are the final grade and paving. The frost, often down four to six feet below the surface, must disappear prior to final grading and paving. The settling that must occur will not happen until then. This process could take several weeks after the temperature warms up. When the frost does leave, the ground will begin to to dry out and firm up enough for heavy equipment to work on, which is when the local authorities will ease the weight restrictions on the roads. Next, the gas and electric lines must be buried so we may final grade. This is done by the respective utility companies, and is usually done subdivision by subdivision until complete. Please note that Spinell Homes has no control over this schedule. About a week after they begin burying lines we will begin to final grade and prep for asphalt. It is very important that as the ground becomes soft you stay off the driveway until it has dried out completely. Adding gravel and/or placing boards on the driveway will SLOW the process. You must also hold any landscaping/fencing plans until after all escrow items are complete. Our goal is to complete all escrow work by July 15th. This is of course subject to our Alaskan weather, and may be pushed back this year depending on how long it takes all of our snow to melt! Please be patient. We are as anxious as you to complete these items!