Build Your Blessings

Blessing Boxes

The building project was for my youngest client ever, 14-year-old Ashley Perry. This special young lady asked Spinell Homes to help her build blessing boxes for Anchorage’s schools. A blessing box is a simple, empty box. The empty blessing boxes are put in schools and students fill them with nonperishable items like personal care items, clothing, canned foods, school supplies and more. The concept is for students to take what they need, and replace what they can.

The blessing boxes were a simple project, but they will have such a positive impact on the lives of many students who are in need of basic care items. They will also teach students the importance of looking out for each other. We were thrilled to have the ability to help Ashley, and I was so inspired by her heart, courage and care for others.

Ashley was born with Turner syndrome. At one point during her mother’s pregnancy, Ashley had less than a 1 percent chance of survival. She continues to defy the odds, but her life hasn’t been easy. She’s had 15 surgeries and has infusions every three weeks. She has also dealt with bullying in school for her height and diagnosis. Ashley could be focused on her own struggles, but yet she chooses to spend her time and energy doing good for others. 

Ashley’s amazing story captured the attention of Iditarod musher Wade Marrs. In 2013, she was his IditaRider and the two formed a close bond. Their story was captured by CBS Courage in Sports and the inspiring video can be viewed here.

Ashley - Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help, and reminding us that the emptiness should always be filled with love.