Spinell Homes Donates $2,500 to Children’s Lunchbox


With school out and an increasing number of Alaskans facing unemployment, too many Anchorage kids are going hungry. Even before the coronavirus crisis, the Children’s Lunchbox estimated over 20,000 kids go hungry every day in Anchorage.

Spinell Homes is donating $2,500 to Children’s Lunchbox to help provide meals free of charge to Anchorage children.

“There’s enough uncertainty in the world right now, our children shouldn’t have to worry about when they are going to have their next meal,” said Andre Spinelli, vice president of design and development at Spinell Homes. “We were looking for ways to help our neighbors and a donation to Children’s Lunchbox just felt like one way we could help provide some relief to Alaskans during this stressful time.”

The Children’s Lunchbox will be serving meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the parking lots of the Spenard and Fairview Rec Centers. Families can drive through the line and receive two suppers per child present under the age of 18. Each family can also receive a pantry box while supplies last.

“As a mother, I can’t imagine the added stress right now of not being able to provide food for my family,” said Lauren Spinelli, vice president of sales and marketing. “Being a member of the homebuilding industry means creating a safe place for every Alaskan and that includes the youngest ones.”

The Department of Homeland Security designed construction of single-family and multifamily homes an “essential infrastructure business.” This important designation gives Spinell Homes and other construction firms the ability to keep their businesses open during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to help stabilize the housing industry.