Baseball backyard

Build Your Blessings

Blessing Boxes
Homebuilding - my profession is about turning every day materials into something special. What starts as an empty building, eventually becomes a home filled with laughs and special moments. I enjoy watching what I help create make an impact. Recently, Spinell Homes was involved in a project that reminded me even the simplest projects, lead to big things.

Furnace & Water Heater Maintenance

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Living in a Spinell Home built in 2011 or later? Your furnace or water heater may need maintenance. Check your unit for a neutralizer pipe – if your unit has one, you may need to perform yearly maintenance.

Letter to Homeowners RE: Spring Clean-Up and Escrow Items

Dear Homeowners. Spring is here and many of you are anxious for clean up and escrow work to begin. We will be attempting to clean up any remaining materials around the homes when everything is thawed, but this usually happens at the same time for all homes built during the winter, so it would be really helpful if you pile up any waste materials near the curb and we will send crews around to collect them.
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