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No more reasons to keep renting!

$21,600. For the majority of us, that’s a lot of money right? If you had that kind of money would you give it away? “No way,” is what you’re probably saying. But that is what many people are doing, not just once, but EVERY SINGLE YEAR. If you scan Craigslist you’ll see that $1800 is about the average monthly rent for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home/condo/townhouse in Anchorage right now. Month after month, year after year, people are paying this kind of rent, paying someone else’s mortgage, when for the same monthly amount they could be owning a home of their own.

Economy will never truly recover until housing industry is repaired

Many of you may have seen the article a couple of days ago in the Anchorage Daily News that discussed the troubles that the home building industry still faces even though the recession is considered over. We could not agree more! It has been Spinell Homes' opinion that our economy will never truly recover until the entire housing industry is repaired.
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